Today, I don’t feel like writing about food. It feels wrong to write about food. Why worry about the seasoning of my sauce when I have to worry about the future of my friends, of my future children, and of my values? Yesterday at this time, there was no winner. Today, there is no winner either. We are all losers. Those who voted against him, those who voted for him, those who did not vote, and even those who aren’t eligible to vote. As I write this, I received an e-mail about a panel on remembering Kristallnacht on November 9th 1938. I hope now with all my heart that we will stop being naïve, that we will go out, that we will love, and that we will stop crazy from going crazier.

The United States are clearly not “united”. I falsely believed that I live in a world where open racism, sexism, homophobia, xenophobia and more are not socially accepted, but I know now that they are alive and well. And it hurts. And I hope that all the people who feel unsafe now will soon feel safer. And I also hope that people, individuals, will make changes on local levels to the educational system so that hate never wins again.

How do we begin to bridge the gap between the “us” and “them” that should not exist? How do we find acceptance for something so unacceptable? How do we fight hate with love and not with hate?

So much for my thoughts right now, though there are many many more. I have found consolation, sympathy, and hope in the amazing Facebook posts of friends and while it hurts to read them, I appreciate the fact that I know and am surrounded by so many positive, outspoken, and highly intelligent people.

If you need a little bit of distraction, here are some of the dishes that we made since the last time I posted:

Very messy spaghetti dome filled with salmon mousse and crayfish stock served with crayfish tales
Dark and milk chocolate mousse cake with chocolate jocund layers, chocolate glaze and milk chocolate decor
This week is chocolate week – here’s our first orange-caramel chocolate
Red gurnard with saffron aioli-filled potatoes, served with bouillabaisse-type bouillon
Monkfish (what an ugly fish!) with oysters two ways, buttered Chinese cabbage and mushrooms
Salty codfish with a-hint-of-liquorice creamy polenta, glazed carrots, and carrot-caper sauce