Yesterday was rainy and grey. But I was committed to making this a good week after Monday was beautiful and sunny. I wanted to treat myself, but I was definitely not about to leave the house if it could be avoided. Luckily, there were some leftover garlicky mashed potatoes and glazed pork tenderloin, so hibernation mode was on. But sometime in the afternoon, I felt an urge to be a little bit creative and to bake. With just one egg in the fridge, I decided to make a dessert for one. What better than an oozing chocolate soufflé?

Believe it or not, but I’ve never attempted to make a soufflé before. Yes, I went to culinary school, but there is only so much you can learn in three months. So I guess I’ll have to teach myself the soufflé. And with all the panic around failed soufflés, I didn’t think my first try would be so successful, but it was absolutely delicious. I’ll admit, it would have needed just a bit longer in the oven, but should I really be complaining about a liquid oozing chocolaty center? Nope, I don’t think so!

One of things that make soufflé magical is that it’s light, creamy, and airy. It kind of reminds me of airy chocolate, if you’ve ever tried that. While you’ve got to be quick, this chocolate soufflé is actually super simple and doesn’t require many ingredients (4!) or complicated procedures. Enjoy!

Oozing Chocolate Soufflé