I judge people’s eating habits. Including my own. Actually – especially my own. For many people, meal choices are dependent on time restrictions or health. For me, more often than not, my food choices reflect my level of patience, my inspiration, and interactions with the people around me. So even though I criticize friends for having cold pizza, ice cream for breakfast, or wonderbread, I’ve certainly done *worse* things.

My previous roommates and I all had our birthdays within one month of each other. That meant cake for weeks. For almost the entire month of September, I’d have cake for breakfast, much to my boyfriend’s dismay, who will gladly trade pancakes and waffles for hash browns and bacon.

When I’m too lazy or uninspired to cook, I also have a quirky habit of eating very simple things – I just had an avocado with some lemon juice, sour cream, salt, and pepper – because I would feel too guilty about eating a prepared meal, even if it’s a packaged salad. Or, more recently, I’ve integrated my roommate’s dinner as a standard dinner option: cereal.

Luckily, there are days when I’m a little wiser. I made delicious turkey Buletten a while back. Buletten are sort of a cross between meatballs and patties. I thought that Buletten were a standard German food until I recently found out that none of my German colleagues at college knew what they were. I had finished a meeting by commenting “ran an die Buletten” but was met with blank stares. Not only did people not know the saying (which means something like “let’s get to work”), but they couldn’t even piece together a literal meaning. Buletten bring up two distinct scenarios in my head. Bike trips through Brandenburg (stopping for Fischbrötchen or Schrippen with Buletten) and game nights with my friends (one of who’s mother regularly makes us Buletten).

That’s what makes food so great. When I have cake for breakfast, I will forever think of my first apartment and I guess that cereal for dinner will be a throwback to where I am now for years to come.

Cereal for Dinner