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Trial and Error

Sometimes, it’s not so easy to figure out whether to share a recipe or not. Maybe I like the idea but it didn’t turn out the way I expected or something tastes great, but the texture isn’t there. (Actually, the... Continue Reading →


Heart-Warming Semi-Soup

This dish is very unlike the things I normally make. Nonetheless, it’s becoming one of my go-to meals because it has something incredibly warm and soothing. It has all the heartiness of a rich, decadent dish and the lightness of... Continue Reading →

It has avocado, so it must be good

It’s been a while since I last posted about what I am up to and the things happening in my life, so here’s a little recap of recent things. I’m still looking for a job / waiting for responses. I’ve... Continue Reading →

Muscles and Mussels

I started writing this long negative post and then I thought: “Is it worth it? What will I accomplish by writing about my anger?” So I deleted that post. That post is in your newsfeed, in newspapers, in your inbox,... Continue Reading →

Women’s March, Serenity, and Reproductive Chicken

In light of this past Saturday’s Women’s March, I decided that it would be fitting to write a post about my experience of the march. But honestly, my newsfeed has been so flooded with messages about the march and Trump’s... Continue Reading →

Seat 5F

Sitting in an airplane (at least in an economy seat) is never comfortable. I’m not going to argue that. Nonetheless, I get even more frustrated when people take up part of my teenie-tiny space. Like, there I am, reading my... Continue Reading →

Back to Nature Vegetable Quiche

Last summer, I spent a week traveling through Iceland with my father, his wife, and my little sister and brother. While I’ve never been a fan of outdoor activities (I used to make a point of NOT being a “nature... Continue Reading →

Getting-the-(Creative)-Juices-Flowing Leg of Lamb

It’s a bit of a challenge working my way back to stories of experiencing womanhood and recipes as I still only feel that non-culinary school life is half real. Nonetheless, being in France has also given me time to gather... Continue Reading →

Three Shades of Green Pasta Salad

More introductions and a summer throwback Last week I published my first blog post and I gave you a recipe for delicious and spicy smashed potatoes. Today’s dish features a different carb – pasta. Combined with some of my favorite... Continue Reading →

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