I miss cooking. Usually, when I don’t post recipes, it’s not because I’m not cooking. But lately that has been the case. Between traveling, a full-time job, and working out, I haven’t really been home enough to cook up a nice share-worthy meal. It’s been mostly smoothies, snacks, and on-the-fly meals. Not ideal.

But I’m back! This weekend I finally got to spend some time in the kitchen, so I made some olive sourdough bread, puff pastry, beef stew, and scones. Before I tell you all about my scones, I feel like I need to debrief on the beef stew situation. After all, it’s just barely September and not officially fall until after my birthday, so stew is not the natural choice.

The whole thing started a couple of weeks ago when I decided I was going to make rack of lamb and then Whole Foods bailed on me, so I ended up buying beef ribs. But then a different Whole Foods ended up having a rack, so I used that after all. That left me with beef ribs in the freezer. Then the other day, I found liquid smoke and I’ve always wanted to try that, so off I went. Lots of butter, red wine, onions, carrots, and the ribs. And just simmer for hours and enjoy. Something along those lines.

Anyway, I’m too tired to think straight, so instead I’m going to share my recipe for scones with you. I first made white chocolate and cranberry scones for a linguistics class and used a Joy of Cooking recipe. I’ve since adapted the recipe and tried out some other flavor combinations, but white chocolate and cranberry is still my favorite!