Version 3


My name is Tamar. Tamar is Hebrew for “date palm.” My favorite way to eat dates is in an almond milk shake or wrapped in bacon. Hipster-vegan versus sweet and salty. And that’s a pretty accurate description of who I am/ aspire to be.
A Feminist Cooks is about making and eating food that is creative, classic, but most of all delicious. Why feminist? Because why not! I don’t cook because I happen to have a vagina. I don’t cook so that I can feed a man. I cook because I love sharing meals with people and building bridges and exploring cultures. Each week will feature one new recipe. Occasionally my posts will tell you stories and I will share my own experiences; sometimes I will just talk about food.

What am I passionate about besides food?
Linguistics! Just as food brings people together, so does language. When most people learn a new language, they aspire to be conversational. I try to understand the grammar – the case system, affixation, tenses. I may write about linguistic issues from time to time if there’s something on my mind.
Singing! When I’m not in the kitchen or otherwise busy, I’m singing. Mostly choral singing, but occasionally some solo things. I used to write my own pop songs, but now I mainly sing music by other composers, although the genres vary: classical, musical theater, pop music…

What I can’t live without?
Chocolate! In, on, with anything…
Bread! Fresh out of the oven…
Nectarines! Fruit doesn’t count as desert, but nectarines aren’t a bad snack 😉