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Wrapping Up My French Adventures

Over the past three months, I have been sharing my culinary adventure with you through the food that we created in patisserie and in cuisine. For all my friends and family, I hope it was fun to follow my journey... Continue Reading →


French Adventures Part XIII

Wait, really?! This is the last post I’ll be writing from the south of France… And we’re truly feeling the end nearing – concentration is diminishing and projects are being finished. Last week, we made more chocolate bonbons and also... Continue Reading →

French Adventures Part XII

What's up?! I hope you're having a wonderful day/evening depending on where you are! Let's dive right in. Cake week got extended so that we finished two of our entremets on Monday. Unfortunately, while the cakes were all very well... Continue Reading →

French Adventures Part XI

Hello my lovelies! I am in good spirit as I am about to start watching Le Meilleur Pâtissier, the French equivalent of The Great British Bake-Off. I can’t believe that this adventure is slowly coming to an end and I... Continue Reading →

French Adventures Part X

As I warned you, Thursday was dominated by hare... Luckily I had the best partner who knew exactly what he was doing, so that he was fine with me mostly watching and doing some small help. It took me about... Continue Reading →

French Adventures Part IX

Here I am again! A few nights of good sleep and the world already looks much brighter! It might not be easy, but I am already inspired by the activism among my friends and family. But now back to my... Continue Reading →

French Adventures Part VIII but not really…

  Today, I don’t feel like writing about food. It feels wrong to write about food. Why worry about the seasoning of my sauce when I have to worry about the future of my friends, of my future children, and... Continue Reading →

French Adventures Part VII

Last week, I learned that cooking in a home kitchen is VERY different from cooking in a professional kitchen. Nonetheless, it is possible – and with some practice, could become great! I spent Wednesday through Saturday with my mom –... Continue Reading →

French Adventures Part VI

This week’s post will be short. Because we’re on VACATION! I have to say that living in the south of France and eating great food everyday is already like vacation, so I didn’t feel that I needed a break, but... Continue Reading →

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