I started writing this long negative post and then I thought: “Is it worth it? What will I accomplish by writing about my anger?” So I deleted that post. That post is in your newsfeed, in newspapers, in your inbox, and on TV.

What do I write about then? Can I post about a random time that I observed something sexist? That feels irrelevant. Can I post about just food? That feels ignorant. But then I found something! Or rather someone.

I’m fortunate enough to be represented by Senator Elizabeth Warren, who has grown on me more and more over the past few weeks. She is one of the most respectable people and politicians I can imagine and it feels so great every time she pops up in my Facebook newsfeed. Because it means that someone IS representing me. Someone IS listening to the resistance. I’ve been going to protests not because I’m a woman, a democrat, or an American, but because I’m a human. And for as long as this country is still a representative democracy, I think we should hone in on our humanity and do what is right, no matter how powerless we feel. I draw that inspiration from Senator Warren’s speeches. So here you go if you need some motivation to make a phone call, write a postcard, or join a group of protesters.