In light of this past Saturday’s Women’s March, I decided that it would be fitting to write a post about my experience of the march. But honestly, my newsfeed has been so flooded with messages about the march and Trump’s actions since then, that I have started automatically assuming people are writing about their political disappointments when they are actually just posting about what a bad week its been because they caught the flu.

So instead of writing, I thought I’d share some of the cool protest signs that have been floating around the interwebs. (Clicking a picture will take you to the page where I found it!)







I’ve been getting a lot of “this isn’t going to do anything” attitudes lately. Not only do I think that’s demoralizing and won’t get us anywhere EITHER, but I also think that it is what we make of it. So, if you’re interested, check out the 10 Actions 100 Days page of the Women’s March website and consider donating a few minutes of your time to continuing action.

This morning, my yoga practice was all about serenity. (Shoutout to Adriene for motivating me with your Yoga Revolution) . It was hard to wrap my mind around this topic when really I feel far from calm and peaceful on the inside. Nonetheless, it was a good feeling and good to slow down for a second before I move on with the actions of today. Also, if you just went there, you might have noticed that “Serenity” is Day 8 and it’s January 25th. But you know what? My body, my pace, my laziness.

This week, I’m giving you yet another chicken recipe. If you want, you can look at the ballotine as a phallic symbol and the slices sort of resemble vaginas. Or you can ignore that sentence.