Sitting in an airplane (at least in an economy seat) is never comfortable. I’m not going to argue that. Nonetheless, I get even more frustrated when people take up part of my teenie-tiny space. Like, there I am, reading my book. And all of a sudden, I have a tray table (Also, that’s a bizarre name. Did some airline just decide that it should be called that to give us an impression of service and workspace in one?) shoved in my face.

Here’s a radical idea: Why don’t airplanes just get rid of the whole lean-back function?! Ok, I know I’m going to have a million people disagree with me. And actually, I wasn’t even going to discuss tray tables and reclining chairs in this post…

What I really wanted to say is that there I was, sitting in a cramped airplane seat, and the guy next to me decides that he can spread his legs, infringing on MY space! I don’t like the idea of owning space, but when you’re on an 8-hour flight, a little breathing room wouldn’t be so terrible. It wasn’t even the gangster rapper wide-legged sit, but still…

I mean, maybe it’s justified? After all, maybe penises require the extra space? Feel free to chime in here. I never say anything when this situation arises – should I? The reason it bothers me is not so much that I want the space. My issue is that it teaches girls that they shouldn’t take up too much space. It starts with physical space, but pretty soon can be applied to our personalities.

I know both guys and girls with big personalities. With guys, I often have a feeling that a big mouth makes them appear more intelligent – that whatever comes out of their mouth is some deep truth, even if – when you think about it twice – there isn’t much to it. Girls with big personalities, on the other hand, are funny and great to hang out with, but rarely are they symbols of intelligence. (I say symbol because I feel like our personalities are in some way a representation of a person we want to be.) Intelligent girls are usually quiet.

I’m aware that I’ve basically been outlining a bunch of stereotypes here and that there are many, many exceptions, but these are just a few observations of my categorical mind.