As I warned you, Thursday was dominated by hare… Luckily I had the best partner who knew exactly what he was doing, so that he was fine with me mostly watching and doing some small help. It took me about 10 minutes until I was ready to help skin the hare. Once that was finished, cutting wasn’t the worst, although it was messy given all the blood… The worst thing was definitely the smell. After opening the belly, the entire kitchen smelled like poop for about an hour. Eventually, this smell merged into the smell of wild hare, which is also extremely strong and not the most pleasant. Finally, we laid out pork caul with pork fat, next the hare, a stuffing of hare, liver, truffle, and white wine, with a center of foie gras. And then we rolled the whole thing up! Yes, crazy. Then it all cooked over the weekend. Finally everything was served with a hare jus thickened with hare blood. Ahhh insane!


On Friday, we finished up our second month with mini lamp pâtés. But they were far from what you’d expect! The filling was sweetened with brown sugar and candied orange and lemon, and the pâté was piped into handmade pie towers. They were extremely delicious and I couldn’t stop eating them. I would love to have these at my holiday dinner.

This week’s cuisine class has been super fun. On Monday, we shaped soft-boiled eggs and replaced their yolks with artichoke puree. The egg was served with some serrano ham on pan-fried rye bread. Yesterday, we had a fun challenge: a revisited tomato and mozzarella dish. And because I am who I am, I made a dessert! To start, I created a tomato jam. Then I caramelized some tomatillo and made some basil sugar. Finally, I made buffalo mozzarella beignets – the batter included balsamic vinegar and tomato water. While my plating was not great, I actually thought the dessert was super yummy and definitely a totally reworked caprese salad!

Brunch idea?
My revisited caprese dessert…

Today, we smoked haddock in a creative way and made some ricotta ravioli. The dish was colorful thanks to purple and orange cauliflower and pumpkin purée.


What about pastry? Well, last Friday, we had another plating exercise. The dessert included coriander white chocolate cream, citrus madeleines, chocolate hazelnut crumble, praline cream, citrus tuile, and fresh orange and clementine slivers. Here is my plating (the madeleine is hidden inside the mousse).


Now we are back in bread week, one of my favorites! And this week, everything seems to be about layers and colors. We started with another batch of croissants – this time, with almond filling. I am so happy because they turned out almost perfect! (By the way, I have a new idea that maybe I should open a croissant business that sells a ton of creative twists on the croissant! What do you think…?) We also made a delicious caramel brioche feuilletée. Just look at those layerssss!

Almond croissants ❤
Brioche on steroids

In terms of things other than class, we are beginning to get into Christmas mood – tree is up and singing is happening. This weekend, I took a long walk along the beach and harbor with some people. On Sunday, I made a pea soup. Talk to you soon!!