More introductions and a summer throwback

Last week I published my first blog post and I gave you a recipe for delicious and spicy smashed potatoes. Today’s dish features a different carb – pasta. Combined with some of my favorite savory ingredients! But before I begin, I wanted to give you all a sneak preview of the next few weeks in my life.

In general, I will be posting new recipes every Wednesday. However, from next week until December, I will be in the south of France (Cap d’Agde) learning to cook and to bake at the Gastronomicom culinary school. Throughout this time, I will continue to post every Wednesday, but I will most likely not include recipes and instead talk about my experiences and what I am learning. I have created a separate tab in the menu for these posts and if you have additional questions, simply comment and I will be happy to give you more information.

Now back to this week’s recipe: Wondering what the three shades of green are? First of all, lime. Before juicing the lime, I like to roll it around in order to break some of the fruit’s vesicles, which will release more juice. Next, basil. I always feel that basil gives a dish a wonderful level of freshness, somewhat like mint, but more savory. Last but not least, my favorite green item in the world – avocado! Need I explain what makes the avocado so lovely? No. Combining the dressing with the avocado first will help to integrate the avocado pieces into the pasta as well as to prevent the avocado from clumping up.

This dish is perfectly refreshing for a hot summer day and will even make for a great picnic bring-along as the lime should prevent the avocado from turning brown for a while.